Living up to our mission since 2017, APORRO will celebrate our 5th anniversary by connecting with global artists and clients through experiencing the joy of creating a vibrant world of street art and bringing the vitality of art to more people around the world.

APORRO Street Art Event 2022 presents some of our artistic achievements over the past 5 years. We invited artists and brands to create inspiring work of arts. Meanwhile, we transformed these art pieces into unique jewelry to give you an artistic experience from the inside out. It's meaningful to connect art with jewelry and life. So, please go ahead and have a touch of the artwork!

Inspired by tattoo artist Joaquin Ganga's realistic tattoo art, we combined his personal symbol NOMAD with APORRO's original design to reflect the energy and creativity of street art.

"I rep the art. I rep the artist. I rep the culture. Tattoo is for all of your life and can be shown at anytime and place. Let's think big."——Joaquin Ganga, tattoo artist