Founded by JC in New York City in 2017, Aporro, an iconic brand that specializes in fine jewelry and accessories through integrating humanities, art, and multi-culture. Profoundly influenced by the urban culture and arts, Aporro has committed to combining the finest craftsmanship of traditional jewelry-making with popular art elements and providing global customers with aesthetic products, as well as sophisticated customized service.


Aporro X Coogi
In 2020, Aporro teamed up with legendary streetwear brand Coogi by co-designing and launching the exclusive Aporro X Coogi collection.
Aporro X SneakerCon
At Sneaker Con Shanghai 2020, Aporro X Sneaker Con 2020 Collection made its debut at this triumphant event with over 10,000 visitors!

Aporro Exclusive Customs

Originally designed and handcrafted with the finest craftsmanship in our own Aporro Workshop. You Dream It, We Make It.

Artist & Influencer


Aporro Global

To date, Aporro has its global operational teams and boutiques across the world with local teams in the United States, Europe, Brazil, Russia, and China.